Dallas reportedly not interested in Andre Iguodala trade

NBA trade deadline
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies are not backing off their demand for a first-round pick in exchange for Andre Iguodala. They will, eventually, but the team is still intent on trading the veteran swingman and not just buying him out.

Talk around the G-League Showcase in Las Vegas often focuses on Dallas as the team most likely to pull off an Iguodala trade — they have the expiring contract of Courtney Lee and extra second-round picks — but the Mavericks are not interested. That according to multiple reports.

Dallas knows it is not a contender this season, even with Iguodala, so what is the point of renting him and giving up a pick (even a second-rounder)?

In Vegas, most sources expect the Grizzlies to get a deal done because some team will step up with an offer that works. The Rockets, Bucks, and Clippers, plus others are mentioned as potential landing spots, although a trade that doesn’t remove key parts of their rotations is hard to construct.

The Los Angeles Lakers are sitting back, waiting, hoping no trade gets done and Iguodala gets bought out. Los Angeles is the likely landing spot for Iguodala if he becomes a free agent (the Lakers also don’t have the pieces to trade for him). 

Iguodala was traded by Golden State to Memphis last July (in what was a cost-cutting move for the Warriors). Iguodala talked buyout with Memphis but would not give up significant money towards it, plus the Grizzlies wanted another pick. So the sides agreed to wait, with Iguodala away from the team and working out on his own.

Where he ends up to end the season is hard to predict. Just don’t bet on Dallas.