Lakers-Bucks, Clippers-Rockets doubleheader an all-timer

Rockets guard Russell Westbrook and Clippers guard Patrick Beverley
AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker

The Clippers are 21-8. The Rockets are 18-9. Both L.A. (Kawhi Leonard, Paul George) and Houston (James Harden, Russell Westbrook) have multiple big-name stars. Westbrook is vocal in his feud with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley. Rockets guard Austin Rivers, son of Clippers coach Doc Rivers, will try to provoke his father. L.A. and Houston have split their meetings this season, the latter decided on the final possession.

Yet, Clippers-Rockets is getting second billing tonight.

That’s because Lakers-Bucks is the clear headliner. That’s an unprecedented matchup between excellent teams that could meet again in the NBA Finals.

Together, these games form a historic doubleheader. Los Angeles, Milwaukee, L.A. and Houston have combined to win 77.7% of their games. This is just the fifth day in NBA history with two games featuring teams that have been so successful (minimum: 25 games).

Here are the days with two games featuring four teams with the highest combined winning percentages (minimum: 25 games). Teams are listed with their record entering the game:


The last time two games in the same day featured teams this good: Dec. 25, 2009. But that was Christmas, when the NBA stacks its schedule with premier teams.

This is just a random Thursday.

It could be a fantastic one.