Grizzlies reportedly ‘not budging’ off first-round pick demand for Andre Iguodala

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Never say never when it comes to NBA trades. However, the chances the Memphis Grizzlies get a first-round pick back in a trade of Andre Iguodala are about the same as Scarlett Johansson leaving Colin Jost for a bald, hybrid-driving, fast-aging NBA writer. Hypothetically.

However, right now, 50 days out from the trade deadline, the Grizzlies are not backing off that first-round pick demand, reports Sean Deveney of

 Two months into the season, the Grizzlies have not budged on their demand for Iguodala, an indication that they feel they’ll be able to make a worthwhile deal ahead of the February 7 trade deadline.

“They haven’t budged,” one league executive told “Maybe they will as the date gets closer, but they’ve made clear, they’re not interested in a buyout with Andre and they’re looking for a first-rounder. Teams have been trying. They haven’t let go of that. But that tells you they know they’ll be able to get something and won’t have to buy him out.”

More and more around the league, there is a feeling the Grizzlies will get a trade because some team will step up with an offer that works — not a first-rounder, but a potentially higher second-rounder plus the contract(s) to match Iguodala’s $17.2 million salary. Dallas has been mentioned (Courtney Lee and they have a few seconds they can trade), as have the Rockets, Bucks, and Clippers, plus others are talking to the Grizzlies as well.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the reported frontrunners to sign Iguodala as a free agent if Memphis buys out Iguodala after the trade deadline. Keeping Iguodala away from the Lakers is another reason some team out of the West may step up and make the trade. (The Lakers can’t make a trade that works to land Iguodala. The only deal that makes sense for the Lakers is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and a pick, but Caldwell-Pope has veto power over any trade due to Bird Rights, and he would undoubtedly veto this move. Plus KCP’s agent is Rich Paul, the agent for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, someone the Lakers need to keep happy.)

Iguodala was traded by Golden State to Memphis last July (in what was a cost-cutting move for the Warriors). Iguodala talked with the Grizzlies but would not give up significant money toward a buyout, and the Grizzlies want to land a pick. So the sides agreed to wait, with Iguodala away from the team and working out on his own.