LeBron James apologizes to his mother for telling her to tone it down during his AAU games

LeBron James and Gloria James
Allison Farrand/NBAE via Getty Images

As action spilled into the stands during a 2008 Cavaliers-Celtics game, LeBron James‘ mother, Gloria, stepped between Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. LeBron appeared to tell her, “Sit your a— down.”

That was apparently a familiar dynamic.

It’s also one LeBron better understands now that he’s a parent. The Lakers star often gets demonstrably involved at his sons’ games.

LeBron, via ESPN:

I had to apologize to my mom, because, when I was growing up playing AAU ball, my mom used to be one of the loudest people in the stands. I’m talking about going crazy at my opponents, going crazy at the referees, going crazy at my own coach and teammates. And I used to be like, “Mom, you’ve got to sit down. What are you doing mom? You’re embarrassing me.” So, mom, let me tell you right now – my mom is actually here. So, I’ve told her to her face, “I apologize.” I know exactly how it feels to be a parent watching your kid play. So, yeah, I’ve apologized.

Yelling at your child’s coach and especially teammates probably isn’t the healthiest thing. From what we’ve seen, LeBron has taken a more supportive approach with Bronny, Bryce and their teams.

But I think the point, much like Kyrie Irving apologizing to LeBron, is that things like parenting and leading are difficult. People trying their best to do those things deserve some leeway for imperfections and appreciation of the effort.