LeBron James gets fourth foul with 2:27 left in first half, goes straight to locker room (video)


LeBron James plays by his own rules.

Especially when his team is winning, and the Lakers won big over the Timberwolves last night.

That’s why LeBron didn’t face questions about going straight to the locker room after picking up his fourth foul with 2:27 left in the second quarter. He was obviously going to sit the rest of the half. But practically every other player would have sat on the bench, barring extraneous issues.

Maybe LeBron had a good reason to go to the locker room. Maybe not. He played 16 minutes in the second half, scoring 16 points and dishing six assists.

I believe with many other players – especially, say, Kyrie Irving – we would’ve used this as an example of poor leadership and selfishness. Even LeBron faced legitimate criticism for not properly supporting his teammates last season.

But winning masks many problems.

This will only become an issue if LeBron continues to do things like this (again, if he weren’t hurt or something like that) and the Lakers start stumbling.