After facing Lakers, does Bradley Beal ever wonder what if? Apparently not: ‘I’m good’


Bradley Beal was the focus of a lot of trade speculation — a number of contending teams were interested in adding the All-Star wing and sharpshooter to their roster — until he signed a contract extension with the Wizards that took Beal off the market until at least next summer.

The Lakers were one of those teams rumored to be interested (although, after the Anthony Davis trade, it would be difficult for Los Angeles to put together a trade package that would interest Washington). After the Wizards got blown out by the Lakers on Friday night, Beal was asked if he ever wonder’s “what if?” Via Chase Hughes at NBC Sports Washington.

“I’m good. They’re their own men. They make their own decisions,” Beal said of James and Davis, who left other teams to join up in L.A.

“At the end of the day, there’s no guarantee you’ll win a championship by jumping ship. Only one team wins. When it comes down to my decision-making, I really factored that in. It looks great, but the grass isn’t always greener.”

Beal has been playing like an All-Star again — 28.3 points and 7.1 assists per game — on a team that has little around him and will be in a fight just to make the playoffs in the East. Beal made a bet that once this team gets John Wall healthy and back, and new GM Tommy Sheppard makes a few moves, Washington can be a dangerous team in the East. Beal wants to make it work in our nation’s capital.

Come this summer, however, the trade rumors will ramp up again. Beal will have teams calling to see if he is available, and the Wizards will have a decision to make about where they are and where they are going as a franchise in the coming years.