Marcus Smart says he keeps glass from nearly career-ending picture-frame hit

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Reportedly upset by a photo a woman posted online, Marcus Smart swiped at a picture frame in his hotel room and cut his hand in 2018. The Celtics guard missed a month.

Smart on The Lowe Post podcast:

I actually still have the glass somewhere saved.

To remind me each and every day how blessed I am to still be playing.

The doctor actually told me, like you said, an eighth of an inch away, I probably might not be playing basketball again for the rest of my life.

They said it would have tore everything in my hand. It was a pretty thick amount of glass that came out of my hand. I couldn’t believe it once I’m looking at them open up my hand and taking out the glass.

I actually still have pieces of glass stuck in my hand now that they said will probably be more of a threat of them trying to go in and getting it than just letting it be in my hand.

Smart plays on emotion. That’s part of what makes him so good.

It isn’t always easy to turn off.

Thankfully, it didn’t cost him his career here. Smart is having an awesome season. He’s a defensive marvel, capable of guarding every position at 6-foot-3. His shooting and ball control have also improved. And he plays with so much energy and passion.

He’s a joy to watch.