A Black-Friday sale you actually care about: Rotoworld draft guides

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Are you really going to rush Thanksgiving dinner with the family, go to a department store, throw elbows at strangers that would land you in a hockey penalty box, and all just to save a few bucks on a new set of sheets for your bed?

Come on now, that’s not what the holiday and Black Friday should be about.

Black Friday should be getting deals on something you want and will use — like Rotoworld Draft Guides.

If you play fantasy sports, these guides are invaluable (especially for baseball and basketball, where daily monitoring of the team matters). Even if you don’t dabble much in fantasy, if you’re a fan of the sport these are detailed breakdowns of players that are a fantastic read and make you smarter.

This is a real Black Friday deal on something you want and need, snap it up while you can. No throwing elbows necessary.