Carmelo Anthony: ‘This ain’t a damn farewell tour’

Jason Miller/Getty Images
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While a free agent last summer, Carmelo Anthony said he never brought up a farewell tour.

Now that he’s playing for the Trail Blazers?

Anthony, via Shams Charania of The Athletic:

“This ain’t a damn farewell tour,” Anthony said. “My love for the game don’t stop. I don’t know where this ‘farewell tour’ thing came from. I’ve never talked about a farewell tour. I know what I can do and I believe in myself. When a farewell tour comes, it comes. That’s not something I think about. I’m not thinking about retiring right now. I had (thought about it) during this past stretch over the summer. But ain’t no retiring in my mind. I believe in what I have left.”

Anthony doesn’t explicitly say he wants to play another season beyond this one. His retirement timeline is vague. But Charania’s tweet promoting his article indicates the question was about future seasons:

Many people wanted Anthony back in the NBA so he could get closure. He has had a Hall of Fame career, and his finish with the Rockets was rough.

But what if Anthony doesn’t want closure?

If he wants to keep playing, more power to him. I respect his desire to continue his career. He’s seemingly putting in the work. His teammates appear to like him.

I’m just unconvinced he remains an NBA-caliber player. Portland didn’t sign him until suffering multiple front-court injuries. His true shooting percentage is a measly 48%. His defense is abhorrent. He looked washed up two seasons ago, and he’s now 35.

Anthony just had his best game with the Trail Blazers. Maybe he’ll continue to perform better as he gets in shape and shakes off rust.

But he’ll be fighting an uphill battle to stay in the league beyond this season.

As far as where the “farewell tour” thing came from, Anthony’s trainer, Chris Brickley, said Anthony wanted one. Maybe Brickley was wrong, but that’s the origin.