The time Gilbert Arenas shot Nick Young with a BB gun during a gun safety meeting

Getty Images

The stories that come out of the frat house posing as NBA team that was the Gilbert Arenas era Wizards — a team with Andre Blatche, Nick Young, Javaris Crittenton, and a young John Wall looking for NBA role models — never cease to amaze.

Like this one Young told recently on the Certified Buckets podcast:

Young and some other players surprised a sleeping Arenas in his house one night by shooting him with paintball guns to wake him up. As you do. The next day Young brought a BB Gun to the practice facility — not the most intimidating weapon ever to show up in a Wizards locker room — but Arenas took it out of Young’s locker, took it into a league-sponsored meeting about gun awareness and safety, and started shooting Young.

That sounds about right for that Wizards team.

Just keep the stories coming, guys.