Clippers’ Patrick Beverley fined $5,000 after flopping in back-to-back games

Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley was warned about flopping by the NBA league office after Tuesday night’s Los Angeles win over Boston, where Beverley sold actual contact from Jayson Tatum like there was a sniper on the grassy knoll.

Friday night against Houston, Beverley tried to oversell contact from James Harden (the referees made the right call here and ignored it).

Saturday, the league fined Beverley $5,000 for flopping twice this season.

The amount of the fine is minuscule for a player making $12.3 million. The league hopes that the public disclosure and discussion of it essentially shames Beverley into reforming his behavior. Not sure that works in this case.

Also, know that Harden also did this to Beverley on Friday night.

Beverley fouled out of the game but the Clippers got the win — Beverley will make that trade every day.