Kyrie Irving out next three Nets games, including return to Boston, due to shoulder injury

Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is not going to be around next week to hear how Boston fans feel about him (although I suspect he already knows).

Irving, who has missed four games with a shoulder impingement, is not joining the team on a three-game road trip that includes a date with his former team the Celtics next Wednesday, the team announced. From Brian Lewis of the New York Post:

Irving has been out with a shoulder impingement (an injury often seen in swimmers). The injury is where the bones in the shoulder impinge on the tendons or bursa (the sac of fluid in the joint that makes movement smooth and painless). This causes pain and limits motion. The treatment for this is generally rest and time off, so Irving missing this time is not out of the ordinary.

Not that this stops the conspiracy theorists.

Irving is leading the Nets averaging 28.5 points and 7.2 assists a game, hitting 34.1 percent of his threes, and he’s the guy with the ball in his hands being asked to make plays. The Nets offense is 10.4 points per 100 possessions better when Irving is on the court this season.

Still, the Nets have gone 3-1 in the games he has missed.