PBT Podcast: Buy or Sell, does Carmelo helps Blazers? Luka Doncic MVP?

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Buy or Sell: Carmelo Anthony will make the Portland Trail Blazers better.

Buy or Sell: The Boston Celtics are contenders in the East.

Buy or Sell: Luka Doncic is an MVP candidate.

Buy or Sell: LeBron James will lead the league in assists.

Early this NBA season there are a lot of surprises, but are they for real? Will we look back at these starts come March and just shrug? Dan Feldman of NBC Sports joins me and we either buy or sell them in this edition of the NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk podcast.

Other topics on the table for discussion include if James Harden can average 40 points a game, if the Suns are a playoff team, and is Karl-Anthony Towns the best center in the NBA.

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