Masai Ujiri in 2014: ‘I hate the Knicks’ (video)

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The Knicks are reportedly planning to pursue Raptors president Masai Ujiri.

That has brought renewed attention to this 2014 video.

Ujiri on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight:

Please clap after this. I hate the Knicks. I don’t care.

Ujiri sure is outspoken about New York teams. When Toronto was playing the Nets in the 2014 playoffs, he said “F— Brooklyn” at a rally.

Of course, this won’t preclude Ujiri from jumping to the Knicks if they offer enough money. He could easily explain that he previously viewed the Knicks as a competitor and now embraces leading them. He could even spin that he said that only because of how much he feared New York’s potential. Ujiri is a provenly good executive. If he turns the Knicks into a winner, New Yorkers would forgive him.

However, maybe we should just take him at face value. After all, when an old video emerged of Kevin Durant saying he’d “never” join the Knicks amid persistent Durant-to-the-Knicks rumors, that proved prescient.