Marcus Smart fined $15,000 for public criticism of officials

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“A lot of calls that they called, I didn’t understand where the fouls were. And it just seems like whenever I get the ball and I’m on offense, I can’t get a call. So with the [Miles] Bridges push and stuff like that, I told them, ‘If it was me, y’all would probably throw me out the game and everything. So you clean it up, or I will.’…

“Nobody else is going to protect yourself, you’ve got to protect yourself. So if that means I’ve got to lose a little bit of money, then I’ve got to lose a bit.”

That’s going to hit a player in the pocketbook, and Marcus Smart knew it.

Friday the NBA fined Boston’s Smart $15,000 for public criticism of officials.

And that was after a comfortable 108-97 Celtics WIN. Imagine how Smart talks after a loss.