Clippers’ Doc Rivers on coach’s challenge: ‘That was awful,’ Eric Bledsoe flopped (video)


Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he doesn’t like the NBA’s new coach’s challenge rule.

And that was before last night.

In the Clippers’ loss to the Bucks yesterday, Lou Williams got whistled for offensively fouling Eric Bledsoe. Rivers challenged, and the call was upheld.

Rivers, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN:

“That was awful,” Rivers said afterward. “It was. They should’ve overturned it. That’s why I hate the rule. Nobody wants to be wrong. Let me just say that. You have to overturn that. Unless Bledsoe fouled Lou with his face, there was no foul on that play.”

“There was a flop,” Rivers argued Wednesday night. “I think it [would’ve] been more of a chance that Bledsoe got a letter from the league about flopping than Bledsoe got fouled.

“That was awful. I don’t like the rule anyway. I said it up front. And now I like it even less.”

At best, Bledsoe stuck out his face to initiate light contact. At worst, there was no contact.

Either way, that shouldn’t be a foul on Williams.

Did Bledsoe exaggerate in his reaction? Maybe. Even if he expected to get hit, it can still be jarring to catch an arm from someone moving at NBA speed. Everything looks more deliberate in slow motion. (Of course, if Bledsoe didn’t actually get touched, that’s obviously a flop).

But Rivers’ larger point stands: If that’s a foul, what’s the point of challenging fouls?