Frustrated Hawks assistant coach Melvin Hunt slams, then tosses chair on bench

Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks had one of those “just flush it and move on” games Wednesday night. They were terrible on both ends of the court, but particularly on offense where Trae Young was 3-of-12, the team shot 6-of-30 from three, and everyone looked listless. The entire Hawks roster played like they were planning where to go get drinks after the game. Nobody’s mind was in it.

That frustrated Hawks’ assistant coach Melvin Hunt, who took it out on a chair during a timeout.

That came a little close to Young, who just got back on the court after a sprained ankle.

The rant did no good. The Hawks lost 113-93 to Chicago, making Tomas Satoransky look like an All-Star on his way to 27 points.