Nike puts Kyrie Irving ‘I wanted to play at home’ billboard on side of Madison Square Garden

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This is some next level — and multi-story — trolling.

Nike has a permanent billboard space on the side of Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, the home of your 1-6 New York Knicks, and in that space the company has put up an ad featuring Kyrie Irving talking about how he wanted to come home to play.


A handful of notes here:

• I would pay good money to see James Dolan’s reaction to this.

• Irving was born in Australia and raised West Orange, New Jersey, a city 20 miles east of Madison Square Garden and in no way part of New York. That said, Irving considers NYC his home.

• For much of last season, once things soured in Boston, the buzz in league circles was most likely Irving was headed to the Knicks, along with Kevin Durant. That eventually changed, and they both went to Brooklyn. There are rumors that the Knicks refused to offer the injured Durant a full max contract, something the team pushed back on. All I’ll say is from what I’ve heard from sources is the Knicks had their chance.

• The Nets likely had no say in this billboard going up, it’s a Nike thing.