Anthony Davis on Bulls: ‘I never said I considered anything’

Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Asked about playing for his hometown Bulls, Lakers star Anthony Davis:

Obviously, there’s nothing like playing at home. I don’t know. I mean, I am a free agent next year.

We’ll see. It’s a possibility.

That wasn’t much of a quote. Davis was in Chicago and probably didn’t want to upset local fans. He practically already said the same thing a few months ago. Davis just forced a trade to Los Angeles. He didn’t do that to leave only one season later.

But for someone who said he wouldn’t discuss free agency until next offseason, the response was somewhat striking. After all, Davis is the one who brought up his impending free agency. He’s the one who hinted at the Bulls possibility a little more than necessary.

That demanded at least some clarification.

Kyle Goon of The Orange County Register:


I never said I considered anything.

I said that I’m focused on a championship with the Lakers. And of course, everyone knows I’ll be a free agent next year. And I said we’ll see where it goes.

Davis is used to questions about his future. He faced plenty with the Pelicans.

The big difference now: The speculation gets amplified by the larger market and higher-profile team.

The Lakers should remain heavy favorites to re-sign Davis. He just chose them. Their season is going well so far. They can offer him more money than anyone.

And I’d be leery of the Bulls as an alternative. In fact, there’s a belief Davis specifically doesn’t want to play for Chicago. Maybe that was incorrect. Maybe Davis changed his mind. But it’s easy to hear his remarks on the Bulls as only lip service.

Still, no matter how Davis is leaning now, he will live the season in Los Angeles before deciding. That means gathering new information about that situation – including what it’s like to be involved in rumors there. Davis didn’t appear happy to be part of this discussion.

Of course, that’s only small factor of many. Again, the Lakers are the best bet – by far – for Davis in free agency. But this episode and everything Davis experiences this season will factor into his decision.