Jerry West: Stephen Curry in the Hall of Fame is a ‘no brainer’

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Jerry West is saying what we all know to be true: Stephen Curry is a lock future Hall of Famer. Everyone knows it.

Even Michael Jordan. It was Jordan on NBC’s Today show who said at the end of the interview Curry was “not a Hall of Famer yet, though.” That sparked a backlash, even though in context to the quote (Jordan was picking his all-time starting five, and Curry wasn’t on it).

Jerry West — a Hall of Fame player with the Lakers who ran their front office, was a consultant with the Warriors, and now is a consultant with the Clippers — said on the Rich Eisen Show that, of course, Curry is a Hall of Famer (hat tip Uproxx). And MJ knows it.

“I think if you saw Michael’s reaction, he smiled, and I think he knows he’s a Hall of Famer. He has not been selected yet, but he will be…

Steph Curry is a no-brainer. I think Michael knows that.”

Obviously, that’s right. If Curry walked away from the game today he is still a three-time NBA Champion, two-time MVP, six-time All-NBA, six-time All-Star, scoring champion, and more important than any of that, he is the defining player of a generation. Curry changed the game, helped it evolve to a new level.

Jordan knew that too, he was just joking around. Besides, Jordan would love to get Charlotte native Curry to come back and finish his career out in North Carolina as a Hornet.