Stephen Curry out at least three months after hand surgery

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stephen Curry broke his hand.

Unfortunately, he’ll need surgery, which will prolong his absence.


The Warriors are in deep trouble. They’re 1-3 and have looked bad. Now, they lose their best player.

Comparisons to the 1996-97 Spurs will run rampant. San Antonio lost David Robinson to injury, drew the No. 1 pick, drafted Tim Duncan and began a dynasty.

Will the Warriors tank? We might not know the difference. Again, they were stumbling even with Curry. This could get ugly.

Golden State still has Draymond Green. He could try to keep the Warriors in the playoff race until Curry returns, but that looks like a such a longshot.

Of course, no matter how far Golden State sinks in the standings, getting the No. 1 pick in the lottery is also a longshot.

This is a tough situation for a franchise and superstar accustomed to success.