Jimmy Butler on being pulled into Embiid-Towns fight online: ‘I like it’ (VIDEO)


Jimmy Butler is now a member of the Miami Heat, but it looks like some of his toughness rubbed off on the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid. Sixers big man got into a tussle with Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns on Wednesday, and for their efforts both will be suspended for two games.

In comments on social media afterward, Embiid credited Butler for giving him the gumption needed to take on a challenger like Towns. Of course, Butler understands his reputation and he even said that he expected to get pulled into this whole mess when he saw the tussle first go down.

Via Twitter:

Butler said he knew that Embiid would be the one to throw his name into the conversation around this fracas. Is that the kind of reputation that Butler wants to cultivate? That he is preparing young players to be able to fight others?

Who knows, but in any case Butler didn’t seem too worried about the results. He wasn’t the one fighting, and he still gets to play in games the rest of this week.