Kawhi Leonard files trademark application for ‘What It do Baby’

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It all started on Serge Ibaka‘s Instagram.

Ibaka was riding with Kawhi Leonard when he started a video for the site, and when Ibaka turned the camera to Leonard what came out was “What it do baaabyyy.”

That went viral. Now Leonard is trying to capitalize on that, asking to trademark that phrase as well as “City views over interviews.” Both would be targeted for an upcoming clothing line (and used by New Balance, his shoe company). Trademark attorney Josh Gerben has the details.

That second phrase plays off the Clippers’ marketing theme this year, which includes phrases such as “grit over glam,” and “squad over self,” clear digs at their Staples Center roommates the Los Angeles Lakers, with LeBron James.

Part of the reason Leonard came to Los Angeles — or at least part of the reason people around him pushed him that way — was specifically for the marketing opportunities. Leonard may be quiet, but he’s not looking to come to Los Angeles and completely avoid the spotlight.