Now you can watch James Harden hit himself in the face with a basketball

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The Houston Rockets beat the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday, 126-123, but there were moments during the tight contest in which James Harden was a bit frustrated. The former MVP finished with 29 points on 29 field goal attempts, not exactly the model of efficiency.

New Orleans was able to bother Harden for much of the game, and at one point it boiled over for the Rockets superstar. As the second quarter wound down and with Harden dribbling and down the court to try to get a final shot attempt up, he was stymied by Josh Hart. Harden was unable to get the ball to the rim, and when his flubbed attempt landed next to him, he decided to slam the ball on the ground.

The only problem? The ball then hit Harden directly in the face.

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Josh Hart is all of us.