Rockets roll out the red carpet on opening night


Houston Rockets will need to win a lot of games with James Harden and Russell Westbrook at the helm in order to save Daryl Morey’s job. At least, that’s what it feels like after everything that’s gone on this summer. Perhaps that’s why the Rockets wanted to kick things off in a big way on Thursday night as they opened the season at home in Houston.

Part of the Rockets celebration for the first home game was rolling out the red carpet. Literally. Houston had players walk into the arena on a red carpet with a full-on DJ playing music as media looked on.

Via Twitter:

I’m personally in the camp that thinks the Rockets are going to be much worse than people anticipate. But anything like this is fun, and truthfully one would hope that both Harden and Westbrook continue to like each other despite their own personal playing styles as the regular season drags on.

If they don’t have friendship, what do any of us have, really?