NBA reportedly denies Wizards disabled player exception for John Wall


The Washington Wizards’ cap situation will not get any better in that 2019-20. The team has a massive $37.8 million hit from John Wall that they’d like to have relieved given his injury. But according to a recent report, the NBA is unwilling to acquiesce.

Wall, who will likely not play this season unless the Wizards are playoff contenders, could have been eligible for a disabled player exception. However, Shams Charania says the league declined to give Washington any aid in that department.

Via Twitter:

The rules for a disabled player exception are a bit restrictive, and that’s perhaps why the NBA did not grant the Wizards their request. A physician must decide that a player will be out until June 15 of the league year in order to qualify for a DPE.

For reference, Wall tore his Achilles tendon at his home in February. On a normal 12-month recovery schedule, that would place him healthy enough to resume basketball activities this spring.

Washington now has Bradley Beal on a max-level extension, and so their cap will be difficult for the team to operate around should they decide they need to upgrade. It’s not clear what the team’s plan is for Wall long-term, and in the meantime they’re not getting any financial relief to help Beal this regular season.