Nick Young says if he doesn’t get picked up by team this season he will retire from NBA

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Last season, Nick Young was signed by the Nuggets in early December, played just four games for them, and was cut by Denver before the calendar turned to 2019. That was it. No team picked him up for the stretch run.

Young had a couple workouts but also did not find a team willing to sign him this season, either.

Is he done as an NBA player? Young told Compex that if he doesn’t get a contract this season, at age 34, he can read the writing on the wall and will retire.

“This is pretty much like my last year, if nothing happened,” says Young. “I’m just going to call it, it’s over. No more Swaggy P.”

Two seasons ago, Young won a title playing with — but not exactly fitting in with — the Warriors. Before that, he was one of the designated gunners on some struggling Lakers teams. Young is entertaining, but he’s not exactly a classic NBA role player who fits in and goes at it hard on defense. Young is going to be Young.

Young is still tabloid fodder from when he dated Iggy Azalea, and now he’s got a new podcast (doesn’t everyone?). He’s busy. Just probably not playing in the NBA busy anymore.