Doc Rivers on Daryl Morey’s tweet: ‘He was right in saying that’

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Daryl Morey tweeted support for Hong Kong protesters, who are trying to maintain and expand their freedoms.

That message has gotten lost in the resulting backlash, damage control, backlash to the damage control and more damage control. Practically nobody in the NBA has engaged on the content of Morey’s tweet.

Did Clippers coach Doc Rivers wade into those waters?

Jovan Buha of The Athletic:

Mirjam Swanson of The Orange County Register:

A Clippers spokesperson clarified that Rivers again was referring to Morey’s right to express himself.

Rivers saying “He was right in saying that” sounds like supporting the message of Morey’s tweet. But it could be spun as Rivers supporting Morey voicing his beliefs, whatever those are.

I’m not inside Rivers head. I can’t say what he meant.

But I am skeptical of the spokesperson’s clarification. This wouldn’t be the first time a team official tried to avoid political controversy in the aftermath of Morey’s tweet. Many fear the financial consequences the Rockets now face. Whatever Rivers meant, it’s safer to give the explanation that won’t offend the lucrative Chinese market.

As Rivers said, it is a complicated issue with real consequences. The NBA must make hard choices about how to comprise its values with its business interests. Whatever else he meant, he’s absolutely right about that.