Clippers reveal new uniforms on Sports Illustrated cover (photo)

Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Clippers built a pop-up modern super team this summer.

What a way to announce themselves.

Sports Illustrated:

I like these uniforms. They’re clean and distinctive. I hope the red and blue piping around the arm hole pops even more during games. That’s a nice flourish.


The Clippers changed their official name from “Los Angeles Clippers” to “L.A. Clippers.” Yet, these jerseys still say “Los Angeles.” That doesn’t fit their identity.

However, it makes sense considering the Lakers’ supremacy in town. The jerseys also don’t say Clippers. The Clippers aren’t cool – not like the Lakers, at least. Los Angeles is cool. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are cool. A Kawhi Leonard or Paul George “Los Angeles” jersey is cool.

This seems like a bit of a self-own… and also realistic brand recognition.