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Doc Rivers on coach’s challenge rule: “I don’t like it, I think the refs have enough on their plate”


Coaches around the league are still adapting to the new coach’s challenge rule, where they can look to overturn a call with the bet of a timeout on the line.

Fans wanted it — they love it in the NFL. The league liked what they saw enough last season in the G-League to bring it to the NBA this season. Coaches, the guys with the power, are not believers yet.

Take what Doc Rivers said Saturday at Clippers practice, via Mark Medina of The USA Today.

“I don’t like it, I think the refs have enough on their plate…

“I don’t like that it has to be a call to trigger it. It would be nice if I saw the foul, I called it, that would be nice. This way, it’s a tough rule. I think there’s a foul on every play, so if you contest a foul call, there’s a chance somewhere he got fouled, so I don’t love it in that way.

“The other way we loved it is goaltending, I believe that’s the hardest thing to call, by the human eye.”

Rivers has said that analytics say to use it whenever, but a lot of coaches may save it for late-game situations.

Through the preseason Rivers has made one challenge call, but said that was on a dare.

“I didn’t want to [challenge], Lou (Williams) and Pat (Beverley) asked me to throw [the challenge flag, which is not what happens in the NBA but we’ll just let it go]. I told them it was a foul, they basically bet me that it wasn’t a foul, so I said ‘alright, I’m throwing the flag then.’”

It was a foul.

It’s going to get interesting to watch late-game challenges when the games start to get serious in 10 days. For now, coaches are just experimenting.

Kawhi Leonard has ‘F U symbol’ on championship ring to remember which finger to put it on

Kawhi Leonard
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Following the great tradition of Shane Battier and Andrew Bogut, Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard – who got his Raptors championship ring last night – had a special finger picked for it.



I have a logo in there, and it’s on my middle finger. So, it reminds me to put it on my middle finger. So, I have like an F U symbol on there.

Leonard’s hand is filling up. He already earned a championship ring with the Spurs in 2014.

I suspect this ring is also for San Antonio.

Timberwolves’ Jarrett Culver on brother scoring 100 points in college game: ‘It felt like I was dreaming’

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Timberwolves rookie Jarrett Culver, the No. 6 pick in this year’s draft, was the biggest basketball star of his family.

Emphasis on “was.”

Culver’s younger brother, J.J. Culver, scored 100 points in a game for Wayland Baptist University (Plainview, Texas) on Tuesday.

Jarrett, via Kent Youngblood of the Minneapolis StarTribune:

“I left the gym and my phone just blew up,” Jarrett said. “Everyone is texting me, ‘Your brother, your brother.’ So I FaceTimed him. I was like, ‘No way!’ I didn’t know what to say. I was in shock. It felt like I was dreaming.”

“I feel like I dropped 100 the way I was celebrating with him. I was super-excited for him. He deserves it.”

J.J. shot:

  • 22-of-29 on 2-pointers
  • 12-of-33 on 3-pointers
  • 20-of-27 on free throws

Obviously, it’s unconventional for a single player to take 62 of his team’s 77 shots. But it doesn’t seem this was designed in advance. Nor does it seem Wayland Baptist runs a wild scheme. J.J. just got hot early, and his teammates then decided to keep feeding him. Obviously, by the end, he was gunning for records.

How will Jarrett one-up his brother now?

Celtics’ Kemba Walker flips over-shoulder pass to Jaylen Brown, who finishes with spinning dunk

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The Lakers aren’t Showtime 2.

Are the Celtics?

Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown ran one flashy fastbreak last night.

NBC Sports Boston:

Though Walker scored 44 points, Boston fell to the Pacers, 122-117.

Watch Bogdan Bogdanovic hit game-winning 3-pointer for Kings vs. Thunder (video)

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Another game, another Kings game-winning 3-pointer.

After Nemanja Bjelica hit a buzzer-beater against the Rockets on Monday, Bogdan Bogdanovic sunk the go-ahead 3-pointer against the Thunder last night. That stood as the game-winner once Richaun Holmes successfully defended Chris Paul on the other end, clinching Sacramento’s 94-93 victory.

The Kings have won three straight – over the Mavericks, Rockets and Thunder. The schedule softens over the next week and a half, giving Sacramento a real chance to rise in the Western Conference standings.

And if he keeps playing like this, Bogdanovic might find his way into a starting lineup.