Steve Kerr responds to Donald Trump calling him a ‘little boy’ (VIDEO)


NBA players and coaches have been vocal about domestic social issues affecting them for several years. People like LeBron James, Draymond Green, and Steve Kerr have all led the charge, Using their platform to speak about what they see as in Justice.

The recent backlash about Daryl Morey’s tweet in China has led for some conservative pundits to criticize what they see as silence on the issue by major NBA figures. Donald Trump went so far as to call Kerr “a little boy” recently, an oddity as the leader of the free world took time out of his day to reference the Warriors coach unprovoked.

For his part, Kerr responded by joking about how he should have come out to the media on Thursday riding a tricycle and wearing a propeller beanie. Kerr lamented the condition and lack of dignity in the oval office in his remarks, and said what he felt was reasonable: that he doesn’t have all the information, or cultural perspective to make strong judgements on China and Hong Kong, without further research.

In contrast, Kerr said he does speak directly on domestic matters specifically because he does have context, experience, and felt knowledgeable about the subjects he’s spoken on, such as gun violence in America. Kerr says he’s part of several gun safety groups.

Via Twitter:

The China debate has brought out the worst in everyone. It’s no surprise that Trump has tried to use it against Kerr, and that’s perhaps the most depressing part.