Report: Dwight Howard would intentionally whiff on screens if next option was him posting up

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Dwight Howard‘s teams have repeatedly celebrated his departure.


John Hollinger of The Athletic:

Multiple sources indicated that in at least one recent stop, Howard would intentionally whiff on screens if he knew the next option was a post up for him.

To be fair to Howard, he’s an easy target. People look for reasons to ridicule him.

How many times did Howard connect on a screen when the next option would’ve been a post up? How many times did he whiff on a screen when it wasn’t followed by a post up? I wouldn’t be surprised if selective memory influenced this assessment.

This is the type of story people like to spread about Howard… in part because it sounds exactly something he’d do.

Now with the Lakers, Howard said he’ll be on his best behavior. That means not doing things like this.