Bulls to wear retro Michael Jordan-inspired pinstripe jerseys this year (PHOTOS)


Teams have been rolling out new, retro-styled uniforms all summer long. The season is almost upon us, and so the final jersey options are all but here.

The Chicago Bulls have some of the best iconography in the NBA, and they have easy access to free money when it comes to reissuing new versions of old, Michael Jordan-era uniforms.

To that end, the Bulls announced they would be wearing these special pinstripe throwbacks this season.

Via Twitter

Chicago originally wore these pinstripes between 1995 and 1997 seasons. They were present for the first two championships in Jordan’s second three-peat with the Bulls.

Bulls and Jordan fans will be sure to be picking these up. The retro jersey craze has not slowed down, and it’s an open invitation to print money. At least these ones are pretty damn cool.