Report: Spencer Dinwiddie plans to continue with investment plan

Noam Galai/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Update: Per an NBA spokesperson, “The arrangement discussed in yesterday’s meeting remains prohibited by the CBA.”

I really can’t see Dinwiddie going forward with this. But if he follows through as this report says he plans to, expect the league to punish him. There’s really no other way. That’s why Dinwiddie frustratingly buckling is still the most likely outcome.


The NBA ruled Spencer Dinwiddie‘s plan to sell investments backed by his Nets contract violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Dinwiddie insisted the league didn’t understand his plan and why it should be allowed.

The standoff apparently isn’t over.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

According to sources, Dinwiddie and NBA officials met on Thursday and both sides had back-and-forth discussions regarding legal issues about the plan. Dinwiddie still plans to move forward with his plans, sources say, as the NBA reconvenes over potential next steps.

The huge question: Did yesterday’s meeting lead to the league reversing its stance?

If yes, great. Everyone can move on happily. Anyone who wants to invest with Dinwiddie can.

If no, this could get messy. The NBA would practically have to punish Dinwiddie. It’s hard to see him not backing down if the league sticks with its initial ruling.