Mike Scott gives his side of the story on brawl with Eagles fans

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It wasn’t too long ago that Philadelphia 76ers forward at Mike Scott was seen brawling with Philadelphia Eagles fans during a Washington Redskins game. The team and the NBA decided not to discipline Scott, and things just sort of settled down.

Now Scott has given his version of what happened. And of course, he explained it in delightful Mike Scott fashion.

Speaking to reporters, Scott said that he should have walked away but that slurs were used.

Via Twitter:

Scott is right in that he has to be better as a public figure and just walk away in that situation. But it also seems very Philadelphia that things went down the way they did… and then both sides just decided to watch a football game.

There are big expectations for the Sixers this season, and Scott already has us talking about Philadelphia. Not in a good way, but at least we are talking.