Russell Westbrook: ‘My goal is to win a championship’


Russell Westbrook is the latest star to be added to the Houston Rockets, and he’s back with friend and former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate James Harden. Many have high hopes for the Rockets, who will sport new leadership now that Chris Paul is in Oklahoma.

It’s not clear whether Harden and Westbrook can play a side-by-side at this juncture in their careers, despite their desire to do so. Still, that hasn’t curbed the enthusiasm that Westbrook has for joining Houston.

In an Instagram video posted to the team account this week, Westbrook said that he has one goal and one goal only: to win a championship.

Via Instagram:

This makes a lot of sense, and folks are thinking that the Western Conference is more wide open and now that the Golden State Warriors are dinged up with injuries.

That doesn’t account for the new firepower that has been added in Los Angeles, both with the Clippers and the Lakers. Other teams like Utah and Denver have solidified themselves, and squads like the Sacramento Kings could be new playoff challengers.

It’s not going to be easy for Westbrook and Harden to win a championship, and with the way things have gone in Houston it seems like their window is closing soon. It would be absolutely fascinating if the Rockets could come together and make these personalities and playing styles emulsify toward a championship.