Josh Hart hires chef so he won’t get fat on New Orleans food


Josh Hart is now a member of the New Orleans Pelicans, and he will be part of a young core in the Big Easy that is hoping to make a push for the Western Conference playoffs this season.

Hart arrives in Louisiana from the Los Angeles Lakers, and it’s already been difficult for him to stay in shape. According to Hart, he had to hire a chef to make sure that he wasn’t partaking in all the calorically-dense fare that New Orleans has to offer.

Via Twitter:

This seems like a good idea, and I’m always surprised when NBA players don’t have chefs working for them part-time. Most of them make enough money to have someone at least do some prep work for them, and when stories come up about how much candy some of these guys eat it’s sort of mind-blowing.

You can understand how difficult it would be to resist all of the temptation in New Orleans. Good for Hart, and this is great news for the Pelicans. Having a chef and being smart about nutrition is proof that Hart is locked in for the season.