Dwight Howard inspired by play of Draymond Green

Getty Images

Dwight Howard continues to say all the right things.

Which is both irrelevant — it’s about actions, not words — and has been enough to win over first Jason Kidd then the Lakers organization (to a degree, he doesn’t have a guaranteed contract) to give him a shot as their center after DeMarcus Cousins went down injured.

Howard’s “I have seen the light” media tour continued with a sitdown with Shams Charania of The Athletic where Howard praises the play of Draymond Green and said the Warriors’ lynchpin and former Defensive Player of the Year inspired him.

“I hated Draymond. I’m like, ‘This dude is a**.’ But I sat back this year and really watched everything he did and I was really impressed. They said he might not have been the best shooter, that’s fine he’s going to shoot with confidence when he get that shot. He might have a shot, but instead of shooting it he’s going to have to find the best shooter on the team at the right time and make the right play. I was like ‘Man, I really like that.’ And if he know the game is getting out of hand he’ll go and take three or four charges. He’ll try to get all the rebounds. Just all the little things he did that might not show up on the stat sheet.”

That’s Howard saying all the right things.

He’s said the right things before, then has turned around been selfish, has not been the guy willing to do all those little things that might not show up in the stat sheet. Maybe this time will be different because he’s matured, because LeBron James will keep him in line, and because he knows this is his last NBA contract if he doesn’t. Maybe. But Howard will have to prove it.

If he does that’s a big boost for the Lakers.