Klay Thompson has no ill will toward Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant could return to the Brooklyn Nets this season from his devastating Achilles injury, but it’s not likely. We yet don’t know what the outlook is for Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Nets roster, but for now they are planning to be without him.

Meanwhile, Durant’s former team in the Golden State Warriors are dealing with some injury issues of their own. Klay Thompson tore his ACL in the Finals against the Toronto Raptors last season, and coupled with Durant’s departure, that’s loosened Golden State’s stranglehold on the Western Conference.

Of course, if Durant had stayed in the Bay Area it would have meant a continuation of a dynasty, and another run for perhaps the best team ever assembled. That was not to be, although it wasn’t any fault of Thompson’s.

Speaking to Mark Medina at USA Today, Thompson said that he told Durant they could have one of the best teams of all time. However, ultimately, Thompson said that he holds no ill will toward the latest Brooklyn Net.

Via USA Today:

“I mostly just let him be, but I told him we could have the greatest dynasty ever,” Thompson told USA TODAY Sports.

“A change of heart, man. But I’m never going to hold it against him,” Thompson said of Durant’s free-agency decision. “He wanted to go to New York City. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

That’s a pretty enlightened way to look at things, and exactly what you would expect from Thompson.

We don’t know what Brooklyn or Golden State will hold in the future, but here’s hoping that both parties heal up and they go happily on their way without each other.