Giannis Antetokounmpo: ‘I want to shoot the three’ (VIDEO)


Giannis Antetokounmpo won the MVP for the Milwaukee Bucks last season in a 3-point crazed League despite shooting just 25.6% from Beyond The Arc.

That’s a testament to just how good antetokounmpo is at everything else on a basketball floor, but like most of the all-time greats, she wants to get even better. Of course, for Antetokounmpo, that means adding a 3-point shot to his game.

Via Twitter:

“I can still win the championship not shooting the three, but I want to shoot the three. I shot the three a little bit better this year, as the season went along I was getting better. Shooting the three is gonna make it a lot easier for my game and a lot easier for my teammates, so I gotta add that element to my game.”

It does seem possible that the Bucks could win the championship in 2019-20 without Antetokounmpo being able to shoot the 3-point shot effectively. However, how teams defend the Bucks changes because of the fact that Antetokounmpo can’t shoot from range.

Antetokounmpo knows just as well as the rest of us that if he can figure out a way to at least shoot league average from deep, it will severely limit what defenses can do against the high-octane Milwaukee offense.