LeBron James’ ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark request rejected

Getty Images

LeBron James loves Taco Tuesday — and it’s become a social media thing.

So much so, that LeBron, through one of his companies, tried to trademark the phrase with the plan to start a “Taco Tuesday” podcast.

However, that idea was shot down by the trademark office because “Taco Tuesday” is a “commonplace message,” meaning so many people use it no one person can trademark it.

I’m no trademark attorney — although I am good at eating tacos — however, this seems a good call to me. Nearly every Mexican restaurant, and some not-so-Mexican restaurants, use Taco Tuesday in their advertising. It’s about as common a part of the vernacular as it gets. It’s already too out there to trademark.

LeBron wasn’t the only Ohio institution to lose out on a trademark application Wednesday: