Report: Sixers do not plan to discipline Mike Scott after incident with Eagles fans

Via Instagram

This is the kind of situation that is entirely avoidable, but emotions fueled by too much alcohol can lead to regrettable behavior.

Sixers forward Mike Scott — a Virginia native and Redskins fan — showed up to an Eagles tailgate event before Sunday’s NFL opener wearing his Sean Taylor jersey. Scott had announced on social media for weeks he was going to a specific tailgate, but when he got there things did not go according to plan.

Sixers officials told the Philly Voice that after an investigation they do not plan to fine or suspend Scott.

A team spokesman told PhillyVoice that based on their review of the available evidence, the Sixers are not treating this matter as a disciplinary incident at this time, and they will not punish Scott for his involvement absent a new development. The Sixers are, however, reviewing their team policies regarding security at public events as a result of the incident.

A member of team security was with Scott for the day, but that did not stop the incident.

The situation escalated due to some, frankly, racist behavior by a handful of Eagles fans, according to the Philly Voice.

…eyewitnesses say Scott was greeted with hostility by the group tailgating in that area. They did not recognize Scott as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and instead appeared to view him simply as a large man in opposing colors attempting to start trouble at an Eagles tailgate.

Though some fans in the area initially engaged in the sort of accepted hostility you expect between division rivals — “F*** the Redskins!” and “F*** you!” were among the insults directed his way — witnesses say tailgaters who escalated the situation directed racial slurs, specifically the n-word, in Scott’s direction in the area by the coffin. The majority of witnesses who spoke to PhillyVoice painted it as the cause of the fight that was later captured on video…

Scott made it to a suite inside the stadium and got to enjoy the game (except for maybe that his team lost).

I’d like to say “everyone will learn a lesson from this” and tie a happy bow on it, but does anyone actually believe that?