NBA reportedly bans ninja-style headbands in 2019-20


Last season in the NBA there was a huge explosion of a new style of headband that many dubbed “the ninja”. Players like Maurice Harkless and Jimmy Butler pioneered the new look, one which was a fresh addition to the increasingly more restrictive NBA on-court look.

But now the NBA will reportedly no longer allow the ninja style headbands starting in 2019-20.

Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott was one of the first people to make mention of the new ban on Twitter.

Via Twitter:

Who knows why the league has decided to no longer allow these headbands. It’s even more confusing given that Nike is the manufacturer of this particular piece of sartorial flair, and the idea that the NBA would take money out of the hands of its apparel partner is sort of odd.

Perhaps they will come back with some kind of restriction on the length of the following tail? Or maybe this was the plan all along?

No doubt players will try to find some way to set themselves apart moving forward if they aren’t allowed to wear the ninja headbands next year.