Derrick Rose says Phil Jackson’s devotion to Triangle sunk Knicks


Derrick Rose is on his image rehabilitation tour after a gang rape trial and six years of replacement-level play. He’s got a documentary out to this effect, and now a forthcoming book.

Rose has transparently been attempting to get back in the NBA culture’s good graces, which is unlikely given some of the details of his testimony and his inability to get back to stardom on the court.

Meanwhile, Rose’s experience with the New York Knicks for 64 games in 2016-17 is of interest given the personalities involved — Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony, to name a couple.

In an excerpt from his book, Rose said that it was Jackson’s devotion to the Triangle offense that helped doom the Knicks that season. In particular, Rose said that Jackson’s plan didn’t account for the personnel available to him.

Via NY Post:

As for me, I liked Phil, but, come on, man, you’re still running the triangle? He was still forcing them to run it. I’m a slasher, a driving point guard. The triangle is okay, but not for the personnel we had. Melo couldn’t play that way, didn’t want to.

Jo and I used to talk about that all the time. Phil wanted us to play a certain way and we had to listen. What can you do?

Early on in the season, Phil really didn’t force anything. But as time went on, it converted all the way to the triangle and we played through that almost the whole year.

… We were a new team with new players and a new coach, and because of Melo and the way he played, we needed to do something now, and you need some time with that offense.

This is much the same sentiment that many people had during this time in the NBA community. Jackson seemed like he was stuck in a certain era and thought that it was Tex Winter’s system that won him games as opposed to the generational Talent he was blessed with in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Several years later, the Knicks aren’t in any better shape and Carmelo doesn’t have an NBA team. For many, it’s possible that that New York team signaled the end of their time making an impact in the NBA