Anthony Davis says he wants to become a 3-point shooter this year (VIDEO)


Anthony Davis is going to be doubly important for the Los Angeles Lakers now that he and LeBron James were unable to ascertain a third star for their franchise moving forward.

The Lakers have high playoff expectations in the Western Conference this season, but both LeBron and Davis will have to carry an inordinate load from here on out.

As you would expect, Davis has a plan to counteract the lopsided roster construction in the City of Angels. Speaking in a Twitter Q&A this week, Davis said that he hopes he can help his team better by becoming a more effective 3-point shooter.

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“This summer I improved the most on my 3-ball. I wanted to be able to stretch the floor,” Davis said. “As a big, the game is definitely going that way now. … I for sure want to get that [percentage] in the high 30s. By me doing that I’ll be able to help the Lakers as much as possible … and hopefully win a championship.”

Weather Davis actually shoot more 3-pointers this season is anyone’s guess. We hear a lot about big men trying to add the 3-point shot to their game, and even through preseason we’ll see them jack up some from beyond-the-arc.

But not every player can make the transition that Brook Lopez has, and Davis is so talented that he might not actually be stuck on the 3-point line in Los Angeles’ offense all that often.

Then again, if Davis was able to extend his range it would change the geometry of L.A.’s offense so much that teams might really struggle to defend them this year.

Davis is a career 31 percent shooter from 3-point range, and shot 33 percent from deep last year. If he can push himself to above 37 percent, that would mean a real change in how teams would plan for him and his teammates.