Nope, not yet: Wizards have reportedly still not made Bradley Beal available via trade


We still don’t know what the plan is for the Washington Wizards. They drafted Rui Hachimura No. 9 overall in the 2019 NBA draft, and John Wall‘s contract appears to be immovable. Meanwhile, star Bradley Beal still doesn’t have an extension done with the Wizards yet, and it’s not clear whether he would want to sign one to remain in the District of Columbia.

Beal has shown a tenacity for being the number one star, and it was immediately apparent after Wall went down last season that he was up to the task. But Beal is also a great piece of trade bait, and even if he decides to stay, Washington will likely be in a kind of cap purgatory until they can get out from under Wall’s deal.

Even still, Washington has not shown any propensity to trade Beal. We have heard all summer about how other teams are interested in his services, and how the Wizards won’t budge. Now there appears to be another report that Washington has still not made Beal available as we get closer to the NBA preseason.

Via Zach Lowe of ESPN:

Beal checks the age and fit boxes. Whether he has enough raw, supernova talent — Beal has made two All-Star rosters and zero All-NBA teams — is something each suitor will have to decide based in part on who is already on its team (and if the Wizards ever make Beal available, which they have not, per sources).

Many teams have felt bullied into making decisions with their stars in the modern NBA, and so Washington slow playing things with Beal is actually sort of refreshing. However, it doesn’t look like they are going to get out of Wall’s contract anytime soon… so the question remains just what are they waiting for?

The trade deadline is in February of 2020, and it’s still a complete mystery whether Beal will be on the Wizards come March. For now, we just have to sit back and wait.