Report: JaVale McGee’s home burglarized, championship ring stolen


JaVale McGee has won two NBA championships, both with the Golden State Warriors. The former Washington Wizards draft prospect is now an NBA veteran, and one of the NBA’s most colorful characters. As such, he’s a pretty affable guy.

But right now, McGee is probably a bit down in the dumps. That’s because it was reported this week that someone had broken into McGee’s home and stolen at least one of his championship rings.

According to, burglars entered McGee’s house and took one of his most valuable possessions.

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us … McGee only discovered the burglary Tuesday, but surveillance footage shows the incident took place on Saturday.

We’re told the thieves stole TWO safes from the home which contained at least $200k in cash and jewelry — including one of the two rings McGee won during his stint with the Golden State Warriors. Unclear which ring was taken.

The idea that people would target players they know are out of town is not new. The fact that these burglars decided to steal two entire safes is ridiculous, and a major blow for McGee.

McGee has a significant surveillance system at his home, and police are apparently reviewing the tape to see if they can get any leads on solving the case.

This is a bummer for McGee, and hopefully he will get his ring back soon.