Raja Bell: Shaquille O’Neal had signal to freeze out Kobe Bryant when Lakers guard shot too much

Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Even years into retirement, Shaquille O’Neal is still criticizing Kobe Bryant for not passing enough.

Imagine how much it bothered Shaq while playing with Bryant.

Raja Bell recently revealed the Lakers’ solution for Bryant’s selfish spurts.

Bell played with Shaq in Phoenix, where they had a teammate – Gordan Giricek – several Suns thought shot too much. So, Shaq provided a solution: The Suns would signal by clenching two fits and tapping their thumbs on top of each fist. That meant not to pass to Giricek.

Bell asked Shaq where he got that idea. Shaq said the Lakers did with Bryant.

CBS Sports:

There’s still major controversy around Isiah Thomas allegedly orchestrating a freezeout of Michael Jordan in an All-Star game. The Lakers were apparently doing it to Bryant in real games!

Shaq and Kobe were so good. They had to be to overcome so much dysfunction and win three titles.