LeBron James’ company files to trademark “Taco Tuesday,” plans podcast with that name

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Maybe it’s just because I live in Southern California, where the taco is ubiquitous, but “taco Tuesday” has been a thing for a long time. Every eatery that sells tacos seems to have a Tuesday special. (As an aside, the best tacos in Los Angeles are at Sonoratown in downtown L.A. There are good tacos everywhere in SoCal, but these are just magical.)

LeBron James‘ personal chef started doing taco Tuesday’s for his family, and it became a thing on social media. A big thing. So much so that when he skips a week mentioning it people wonder what is going on (it doesn’t take much to get conspiracy theories going on Twitter).

LeBron knows a business opportunity when he sees one, so he’s looking to trademark “Taco Tuesday” and use that name in a podcast, something Josh Gerben — a trademark lawyer — first found and reported on Twitter.

This in no way means the Lakers are going to try to acquire Tacko Fall. Probably.

While I’ve watched “The Night Of” and other television shows with lawyers, I don’t feel qualified to comment on the legality of this. Apparently you have to go to some kind of school to get a law degree.

But if you wonder why young players idolize LeBron, it’s not just what he does on the court — it’s his business acumen. It’s that he has worked hard to build a brand that goes beyond basketball and he isn’t afraid to flex his power. Trying to trademark “taco Tuesday” is very on brand, a smart business move.