Nikola Vucevic donates to Magic fan’s cancer GoFundMe

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The NBA is one of the most accessible leagues in American sports, with players very active on social media and interactive with their fans.

Social media is also a great way to get people involved in charitable functions, including things like GoFundMe campaigns for medical expenses. One Orlando Magic fan saw those two functions of Twitter get put together this week when Magic big man Nikola Vucevic donated to a campaign close to his heart.

Phil Harlow posted a GoFundMe campaign on Twitter this week for his girlfriend’s father, who is currently dealing with cancer. The campaign was spread throughout the Orlando Magic community on Twitter, and that apparently reached Vucevic.

On Thursday, it was reported that the Magic center had donated £2,500 to the campaign.

This is a pretty incredible gesture by Vucevic, who is reaching out across the Atlantic to help out someone in need. Athletes have people coming at them all the time with requests, and for Vucevic to decide to contribute to someone he doesn’t have an intimate connection with is pretty incredible.

Vucevic donation is the second of this kind of thing that’s come in as many weeks. Oddly enough, last week I posted my cousin’s GoFundMe campaign for her medical expenses following a critical car accident. Former Portland Trail Blazers and current Miami Heat big man Meyers Leonard saw that campaign and decided to donate $1,000 out of his pocket.

The fact that NBA players are willing to be directly generous in this way is a testament to the closeness the league has done well to foster between the players, organizations, and fans.